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Note:Francis Bennion sadly died on 28 January 2015.

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Index to Non-FB Writings on FB’s Website


Note Normally the text of an item listed in this table is (with any necessary permission) set out in its place on this website, which can be visited by using the link provided. Where a link is not shown this indicates that the text has not yet been put on the website.


Item Document no.
Academic lawyers: Article by Tony Bradney 2004.003.NFB
Atheism: letter by Maureen Duffy in The Freethinker 1978.001.NFB
Atheism: letter by Brigid Brophy in The Freethinker 1978.002.NFB
Bennion website: A few pleasant words about it from Delia Venables 2007.002.NFB
Blasphemy law: Brighton meeting against 1978.005.NFB
Blasphemy law: statement by Committee Against Blasphemy Law 1978.003.NFB
Blasphemy law: Article on abolition by Neil Parpworth 2008.001.NFB
Blight of Blairism, The: Review of FB’s book by The Commonwealth Lawyer 2004.001.NFB
Codification of statutes: Irish view re criminal law codification 2004.009.NFB
The Commonwealth Lawyer Editorial April 2012 by Dr. Venkat Iyer 2012.003.NFB
Consumer Credit Act 1974: Letter by Paul Dobson on Story Case 1999.001.NFB
Consumer Credit Act 1974: Note by Sir F. Ferris on section 18 2006.001.NFB
Consumer Credit Act Manual, The: Curzon review of FB’s book 1979.001.NFB
Consumer Credit: Multiple Consumer Credit Agreements by Ross Carter 2011.002.NFB
Failures of the CPS by Simon Heffer, The Daily Mail, 8 Feb 2014 2014.001.NFB
Criminal Law Bill: ‘A Good Start for the Criminal Law Bill’ by Sir John Smith 1995.002.NFB
Defence of Literature and the Arts Society (DLAS): leaflet describing it 1983.007.NFB
Drafting of legislation: ‘Form and Structure’: article by Lord Renton 1980.002.NFB
Drafting of legislation: Article by Sir W. Dale on Commonwealth course 1999.004.NFB
Drafting of legislation: inaccurate remarks from Lord Renton’s autobiography 2006.004.NFB
Drafting of legislation: Lecture by Lady Justice Arden 2008.003.NFB
Elections: Letter by John Death on Proportional Representation 1999.003.NFB
Fairlynch Museum item on FB 2012.002.NFB
Falklands War: ‘Future of the Falklands, The’ by Jim Herrick 1983.002.NFB
Falklands War: ‘Representative government for the Falklands’ by Paul Jackson 1983.004.NFB
Falklands War: support for: letter by Robert K. Stewart 1983.003.NFB
Falklands War: ‘What was achieved?’ by T. F. Evans 1983.001.NFB
Francis Bennion - Director of Private Prosecutions 1972.003.NFB
Ghana and Nigeria: contract law: Uche article on 1971.001.NFB
Ghana Constitution: Gyandoh article on 1966.002.NFB
Ghana Constitution: Schwelb article on 1960.001.NFB
Ghana customary law: Daniels article on 1964.002.NFB
Ghana customary law: extract from Ghana case on 1999.005.NFB
Ghana: Daniels review of FB’s book 1963.001.NFB
Ghana: McAuslan review of FB’s book 1963.002.NFB
Ghana: James S. Read review of FB’s book 1964.001.NFB
Ghana: Harvey’s ‘Law and Social Change’: Park review 1967.001.NFB
Grayling slashes Legal Aid - Frances Gibb, Legal Editor of The Times 2013.002.NFB
Hain prosecution: Bernard Levin letter supporting FB 1975.003.NFB
Hain prosecution: Francis Bennion director of private prosecutions 1972.003.NFB
Hain prosecution: FB’s personal statement on 1972.001.NFB
Hain prosecution: 'The battle of two crusaders', by John Stevens 1972.002.NFB
Hain prosecution: ‘Setting Up Peter Hain’ by Gordon Winter 1981.002.NFB
Hain prosecution: The Cricket Conspiracy by Derek Humphry 1975.005-128.NFB
Hain prosecution: Letter by victim of John Harris bomb 2005.003.NFB
Hain prosecution: Pressure Through Law by Carol Harlow and Richard Rawlings
Hain prosecution: ‘The truth about that bomb’ by Gordon Winter 1981.003.NFB
Hain prosecution: 32 years after, by Christopher Warman 2004.004.NFB
Hain prosecution: attack on Hain by Geoffrey Wheatcroft 2007.001.NFB
Happy birthday FB from The Times 2012.001.NFB
Interpretation of Legislation Bill 1981.001.NFB
Irish Statute Book, The by Brian Hunt (Foreword by FB): Review by E. Donelan 2008.002.NFB
Juries: letter by Barbara Smoker in The Freethinker 1978.004.NFB
Latin: Article ‘Lawyers and Latin’ by Roderick Munday in Justice of the Peace 2004.002.NFB
Legality, The Principle of 2010.003.NFB
Letters to the Editor: Article by Alex Beam of The Boston Globe 2006.003.NFB
Leveson - Royal Charter - Lord Fowler 2012.004.NFB
Liversidge v Anderson opinions 1941.001.NFB
Managed currencies: Times letter by J. M. Keynes 1925.001.NFB
NESSSI: Hong Kong case applying it. 2000.003.NFB
NESSSI: Article on it by Kay Goodall 2007.005.NFB
Parliament Act: Is it invalid? Zellick article 1969.001.NFB
Pepper v Hart: ‘Parliamentary Debates in Statutory Interpretation’ by Beaulac 1998.004.NFB
Plain Language: 'Can the Law Speak Directly to its Subjects? The Limitation of Plain Language' by Rabeea Assy 2011.004.NFB
Plain language: ‘What is Plain English?’ by D C Elliott 1990.001.NFB
Plain language: ‘Using Plain English in Statutes’ by D C Elliott 1992.001.NFB
Plain language: Report by Irish Law Reform Commission 2000 2000.001.NFB
Plain language: is redaction the answer? Editorial by Venkat Iyer 2009.002.NFB
Professional Ethics: Hubbard review of FB’s book 1969.002.NFB
Press Charter - Press plan attacked as a futile waste of taxpayer money 2013.004.NFB
Professional Ethics: citations of FB’s book by Beverley Smith (re Canada) 2002.002.NFB
Racism: ‘Shakespeare and Integrated Casting’ by Ralph Berry 1997.002.NFB
R v Devon County Council ex p G (Free school transport) 1988.001.NFB
R v Horseferry Road Justice ex p Independent Broadcasting Authority 1986.006.NFB
RICS World tour: NZ newspaper report 1966.001.NFB
Rowlatt Father & Son: Article by R. Thomas with diary extracts by FB 2011.001.NFB
Rozenberg, Joshua: Calls FB ‘a rare oracle’. 2005.001.NFB
Reconsidering the Rushdie Affair by Richard Webster 1992.002.NFB
Rushdie, Salman: FB attacked by James Fenton 1991.001.NFB
'Self-regulation that is tough but independent' by Telegraph View 2013.003.NFB
Review of The Sex Code by Chris R. Tame 1992.004.NFB
Sex Discrimination Act 1975: review in New Society 1977.001.NFB
Sexual Offences Act 2003: Review of FB’s book by Andy Armitage 2003.002.NFB
Sexual Offences Act 2003: Comments on its treatment of children by A. Turner 2009.007.NFB
St. Edmund Hall Magazine 1953 pp. 4-5, Fellowship in Jurisprudence, 1953.001.NFB
St. Edmund Hall Magazine 1954 p. 7, Prizes in Jurisprudence, 1954.001.NFB
'Secret Justice', article by Neil Wallis 2013.001.NFB
‘Social Morality’ by H. Edelston 1979.002.NFB
South Africa: A shattering analysis of the 1994 Constitution by Paul Trewhela 2004.008.NFB
Statute Law: review of 1st edition of FB’s book by Lord Cross of Chelsea 1981.004.NFB
Statute Law: review of 2nd edition of FB’s book by David Dyzenhaus 1983.005.NFB
Statute Law: citations from book by E. H. Honduis (in Dutch) 2000.002.NFB
Statute Law: citations from book by Chiassoni (in Italian) 2002.003.NFB
Statute Law Deficiencies: Heap Committee of Statute Law Society 1970.001.NFB
Statute Law: A Radical Simplification 1974.001.NFB
Statute Law Review, The Editorial in first issue by A. G. Donaldson 1980.001.NFB
Statutory Interpretation: Citations of writings referring to FB’s book 1999.002.NFB
Statutory Interpretation: Selection from reviews of FB’s book 1997.001.NFB
Statutory Interpretation: General review of FB’s book by Geoffrey Darnton 2009.006.NFB
Statutory Interpretation Henderson review of 1st edn of FB’s book 1985.001.NFB
Statutory Interpretation SJ review of 1st edn of FB’s book 1985.002.NFB
Statutory Interpretation Comwlth. Law Bulletin review of 1st edn of FB’s book 1985.003.NFB
Statutory Interpretation JC review of 1st edn of FB’s book 1985.004.NFB
Statutory Interpretation Alec Samuels review of 1st edn of FB’s book 1985.005.NFB
Statutory Interpretation JP review of 1st edn of FB’s book 1985.006.NFB
Statutory Interpretation O’Flaherty review of 1st edn of FB’s book 1985.007.NFB
Statutory Interpretation NILQ review of 1st edn of FB’s book 1986.001.NFB
Statutory Interpretation Bell review of 1st edn of FB’s book 1986.002.NFB
Statutory Interpretation Williams review of 1st edn of FB’s book 1986.003.NFB
Statutory Interpretation Davenport review of 1st edn of FB’s book 1986.004.NFB
Statutory Interpretation Miers review of 1st edn of FB’s book 1986.005.NFB
Statutory Interpretation Lang review of 2nd edn of FB’s book 1993.001.NFB
Statutory Interpretation Wilson review of 2nd edn of FB’s book 1993.003.NFB
Statutory Interpretation Faizool Mohammed on 2nd edn of FB’s book 1993.002.NFB
Statutory Interpretation Bu-Buakei on 2nd edn of FB’s book 1995.001.NFB
Statutory Interpretation Munday review of 3rd edn of FB’s book 1998.001.NFB
Statutory Interpretation Sedley LJ review of 3rd edn of FB’s book 1998.002.NFB
Statutory Interpretation JP review of 3rd edn of FB’s book 1998.003.NFB
Statutory Interpretation NLJ review of 3rd edn of FB’s book 1998.005.NFB
Statutory Interpretation JP review of 4th edn of FB’s book 2006.002.NFB
Statutory Interpretation The Student and Journal of Law review of 5th edn 2011.003.NFB
Statutory Interpretation: Book viewed as a tour de force by Michael Zander QC 2004.010.NFB
Statutory Interpretation: Irish case applying several rules laid down in FB’s book 1998.006.NFB
Statutory Interpretation: Fun and games with FB’s book in Scottish Parliament 2007.003.NFB
Statutory Interpretation: Praise from many quarters for FB’s book 2004.006.NFB
Statutory Interpretation: Praise from Irish Appeal Commr, John O’Callaghan 2007.004.NFB
Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, The: Marcus Binney on court building 2010.001.NFB
Tangling with the Law: O’Donoghue review of FB’s book 1970.002.NFB
‘Tax law: Rules or Principles’ by John Avery Jones 1996.001.NFB
Terrorism: al-Qaeda: Article by Frank Gardner 2005.002.NFB
Terrorism: Editorial by Venkat Iyer on the effect of terrorism on the rule of law 2004.005.NFB
Tylor, Sir Theodore: Portrait etc. A blog by James O’Fee citing FB 2009.004.NFB
Understanding Common Law Legislation: Review by John Bell 2002.001.NFB
Understanding Common Law Legislation: Nigel J. Jamieson 2010.002.NFB
Understanding Common Law Legislation: Review by Oerton in NLJ 2002.004.NFB
Understanding Common Law Legislation: Review by Oerton in LQR 2002.005.NFB
Understanding Common Law Legislation: Review by Amazon customer 2003.003.NFB
Understanding Common Law Legislation: Comment by Jeffrey Barnes 2009.003.NFB
Review of Victorian Railway Days 1989.001.NFB